Tattoo and Body Piercings

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About Us

We pride ourselves on the experience and changes to our tattooing community. Our studio is a place of unending possibilities, especially with our gifted artists. We do everything from animated tattoos to portraits, color to black. 

Join us at our non-judgment and fun tattoo studio, where art comes alive. We are not here just for the work but to create friendships through the love of body ink.

After Care Do’s

  • Use gentle, fragrance and dye-free soap to wash your tattoos

  • Only use lukewarm water to wash

  • Use a paper towel to pat dry your tattoo

  • Choose an ointment to apply a thin layer over your tattoo

  • Repeat washing & applying ointment two to three times a day for the first three days after the tattoo is done

  • Apply a bandage over your tattoo for three nights to prevent sticking to bed and clothes

  • Change the bandage as required and use medical tape to secure it

  • Make sure you use a thin layer of ointment, so the tattoo doesn’t dry overnight

  • Use colorless & orderless moisturizer over your tattoo after it is healed

  • Avoid going to the gym while your tattoo is healing

After Care Don’t’s

  • Keep in mind that tattooed skin needs to breathe; hence do not apply a very thick layer of ointment

  • Do not rub or wipe your tattoo with a towel or other fabric

  • Do not exceed the bandaging process over three nights

  • Do not scratch or peel your skin while the tattoo is healing

Tegaderm Application

Tegaderm creates a thin layer over your tattoo, creating a barrier yet allowing oxygen flow. It will allow you to avoid the process of washing and applying ointment for three to five days. It can be done at home; however, we recommend that professionals do the process on the day of the tattoo to avoid complications.

Do not pull the Tegaderm after five days. Run warm water for 10 mins over it and gently take it off. Keep applying colorless & orderless moisturizer to keep your tattoo hydrated for the next two weeks.